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Hemp Fiber and Grain Association

Hemp Fiber and Grain Association

Creating a path for farmers to easily start raising industrial hemp fiber and grain.

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Where The Future Farms

The Hemp Fiber and Grain Association is a resource for farmers exploring industrial hemp fiber and grain production. Our team provides access to seed partners, best practices for planting and harvest, buyers for your crop, and local policies to make raising industrial hemp easy.

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Learn how to plant, harvest, and store industrial hemp.

Use your existing equipment to plant and harvest hemp fiber and grain. There is no need to buy custom equipment to get the job done.

Get recommendations on what seed to plant and fertilizer to use.

Identifying the right certified seed to plant and fertilizer for your region should not be confusing. Let us be your resource.

Find buyers for your industrial hemp fiber and grain crop.

Growing a new crop without a partner to buy it is risky. We can connect you with top hemp fiber and grain processors ready to purchase your crop today.

Industrial Hemp: Why Start Growing Now?

Ethanol and biodiesel consume more than 40% of corn and soybean crops, but demand has been going down every year. Farmers need to begin exploring new opportunities.

Hemp fiber and grain have more uses than corn and soybean, and you can make more money raising it with the same tractors.

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“Education and collaboration are at the core of our business. ”

Tim Almond

Chairman & COO of Heartland Industries