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Raise Industrial Hemp With Your Current Tractors

Industrial hemp is planted with existing grain drills and harvested with the same headers, combines, and balers used for corn, soybean, and hay. 

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Basic Farming Information

How To Farm Industrial Hemp Fiber and Grain

Guides for planting, harvesting, and storing industrial hemp fiber and grain.

6 Min

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Plant Industrial Hemp

Learn about seed selection, fertilizer packages, and seeding recommendations to get the best yield.

8 Min

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Harvest Industrial Hemp

Learn how to use your existing grain harvesting and baling equipment for industrial hemp.

5 Min

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Sell Industrial Hemp

Learn how to properly store your industrial hemp fiber and grain to make the most money.

Basic Content

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Hemp

Is industrial hemp the same as CBD/THC?

Although industrial hemp has the same name, the crop is entirely different and does not produce any products that you can smoke.

Industrial hemp crops resemble soybean and hay.

Is it legal in my state to raise industrial hemp?

Industrial hemp is Federally legal in the US. Go to our local policies page to learn more about the regulations in your area.

Does industrial hemp smell?

Industrial hemp does not smell like cannabis, it smells more like hay and wood products. 

Where do I buy seed to plant industrial hemp?

Our team at the Hemp Fiber and Grain Association has identified and recommends top certified seed producers to support our farming community.

Where do I sell industrial hemp fiber and grain crops?

Our team at the Hemp Fiber and Grain Association has recommends top processors to buy your crop under contract or on the spot marketplace.

Are there any questions we did not answer?

Please email us at with your questions.

Industrial Hemp: The Fastest Growing Crop on Earth

Ethanol and biodiesel demand has been going down every year. Farmers need to begin exploring new opportunities beyond corn and soybean.

Hemp fiber has more uses than corn and soybean, and you can make more money raising it with the same tractors.

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“Education and collaboration are at the core of our business. ”

Tim Almond

Chairman & COO of Heartland Industries